Take 5 in Ulladulla



Tuesday. Raining this morning! Down the coast we went calling in at the trendy Rick Stein at Bannisters  near Mollymook for coffee.  Good stuff.  Our holiday residence for the night was in Ulladulla; a quirky harbour town with quaint shops. Today was the day we bought a quiz mag ‘Take 5’…think England’s equivalent of Take a Break!! Aaargh! This highly unusual purchase happened on the recommendation of Lil….we went full on into the competitions Lil! What a great laugh. What’s occurring Claire? Thanks G for PB; at least he could do the number ones.  During a short stroll we caught glimpse of the parrots and Kookaburra. Paul and I visually feasted (as newcomers to the land do) on the brilliantly vibrant colours of these tropical birds feeding from red bottle brush plants, and the way the Kookaburra plumped up it’s feathers as I moved in to catch a photo opportunity.  So far, the mosquito bites are the only thing vaguely annoying in this beautiful county.  

On the road again on Wednesday morning to Narooma. Great stop off for coffee fix @ Bodalla’s

By the way….quizzes almost finished!


By sheenabyrom

2 comments on “Take 5 in Ulladulla

  1. Hi Sheena, sounds like you are having a brilliant time. These photos are lovely..almost like being there!! Lucys friend had baby at birth centre today, they are just visiting them now. I also saw Anna there the other day, she looks weel.Enjoy the rest of your adventure.. I hope you get this message.. I am not much of a blogger x

  2. Hello lovely Lou xx We were talking about you before I got this message! Claire sends her love….Glad you like my blog it’s like a diary of our trip and great for family and friends to see what’s going on. Hope birth went well, and lovely that you saw Anna. Love to you, and keep in touch! xxxxx

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