A visit to Hicksville…..

Narooma good for golfing, surfing, boating, whale and dolphin watching and eating! Another fabulous cabin to stay in almost on the beach.  Spot on Claire!! Breathtaking views whilst partaking in aperitifs. A sleep on the slopey grass area disturbed by Mrs Butler and her class of young children, interesting to hear her reasoning! Thursday morning up at 6.30 and walking on the beach by 7. A scrumptiously amazing breakfast chez Michael…Eggs Benedict just the job (for PB).

Rolling hills, luscious green carpet of grass just like the Ribble Valley, but with the added bonus of sea at it’s edges!!!  Central Tilba next stop for a spot of gold mining! Such an interesting heritage town, perfect example of Hicksville! AND another Take 5….wow! (First one posted here Lil!). Fabulous male candle maker told us the importance of the cheese and inhabitance of the ‘city’.

Next stop Pambula for a spot of lunch with the surfers, then check in at tonight’s cabin in Merinbula Yahoo! Another residence with a briny view…

Sat now listening to the sea with a G&T…. oh, I nearly forgot…..the quiz.


By sheenabyrom

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