Poo Head and Uno with a twist…….

Before you are anxious about my language, Poo Head is the name of a card game. Wednesday night resembled a casino at Knox Drive. Tom and Claire are teaching us Poo Head (Oh Dear!) and Claire G upgrading our knowledge of Uno!! Not for the faint hearted! We have developed our own language and Claire (Babesy Lamb) is learning that too…..ha! LOVE playing these card games.

Thursday was a lazy morning…….longer sleep and breakfast chez Claire for a change!


Sun came out, then lunch at The Dunesafter long walk along the beach from Barwon Heads to Ocean Grove. First time for four of us! Lottie loved spending time chatting to Claire, and vice versa. A new friendship me thinks!

Walked back along river for R and R then walked into BH for authentic Mexican meal at El Poco Burito (used to be The Pod) and Crushed Iced Marguerites! Yum…..but brain freeze and frozen oesophagus!

This morning we took Lottie to work in Ocean Grove and had a roam around and Tom and Claire purchased some ingredients for tonight’s feast! We have guests! Aimee Byrom (niece and horse trainer extraordinaire), Archie her partner and Jye, Lottie’s boyfriend!! Lovely Andy coming too, and perhaps Marcus. 

Two hours was endured by the sea this afternoon…we (C,T,S and P) had a wonderful swim in the ocean.

Pink fizz already flowing, and sun still high. Ahhhh 


By sheenabyrom

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