Dutch Pea Soup! (and the birds)


A bit like the San Franciscian chouder, the soup came served in bread. A full (though small) brown loaf contained the pea soup that arrived on the table in front of me following James’ recomendation. It was scrumptious, though slightly overfacing…. The dilemna came when the soup was eaten and I wanted to take the empty ‘vessel’ home with me, and James didn’t agree. You can’t do that! he declared.

But taking it home (and his empty loaf too) was exactly what I was going to do. And we did. We carried it out of the cafe in one of Liz’s cloth bags, and after collecting her from school the lovely Minnie fed the birds (ducks, swans and seagulls) with the help of beautiful little Quentin, at the end of their street. I believe the creatures thought it was their birthday, the bread was fresh, tasty, and soaked with pea soup. But the food was mostly enjoyed by Minnie; she thought is was far to good to throw to the towards the open beaks!

Anyway, the delicious meal was well and truely shared. 

By sheenabyrom

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