Scheveningen in the sun and cold


We couldn’t have wished for better weather, and Liz got to use her luxuriously warm duvet coat, much to Wad’s disgust. Great walking along to beach, though Quentin was eventually too cold and we had to retreat into the warmth of the exposition building developed to inform folks of the ongoing improvements in the resort. We stayed at the Doll’s House, thanks to the gracious generousity of Ilse, who moved out once more to allow us warmth and comfort of the Fisherman’s cottage. Liz and Wad stayed with James, after a small cleaning exercise and in the end all was good. Ilse cooked us a deliciously authentic Indian meal on the first evening, and James made us welcome on the second night with an amazing vegetarian Italian dinner. Yum. Whilst we relished the pleasures of our beautiful grandchildren in the next few days, Liz and Wadd visitied the famous Royal Picture Gallery Gallery in the Hague  Mauritshuis, and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. They had a ball, and us too!

Then the snow came. On to Tilburg.

By sheenabyrom

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