All in a week: a visitor from Scotland, Ben’s Playtime, a spa in the city and the Calendar Girls…..


It seems so long ago that fabulous Colette arrived to spend a night with us, but it’s only a week. Colette drove from Edinburgh and we immediatley slipped into the country to sip champagne. We went to Eaves Hall  to be disappointed as the venue is now open for weddings only! So off to Mitton Hall we went and we happily settled by the roaring fire. Not ususal for a weekday night, but what a fabulous evening, chatting and eating. Being a great positive thinker, Colette gave us lots to ponder on and she brightened our week in so many ways. Hilary invited us once more to Ben’s Playtime on Thursday night at Benedicts in Whalley. A great opportunity to catch up with Frank and Lynne, but we partied a little too heavily and it took it’s toll. What a great night though. I met a woman who lived near me as a child and we shared lots of memories. We danced and laughed and staggered home at 12.30-although the event finished at 9pm! F and L have an interesting story to tell about the way home…..

On Friday we set of to Kirkby Lonsdale, to enjoy a weekend with Gill and Mark. We had a blast. On Monday I was up and out of the house to catch the 07.46 train to Manchester, to meet with my lovely friend Debbie for a spa day at the MacDonalds hotel. Luxurious surroundings and much needed treatments were enjoyed by us both while we caught up on news and planned a new venture. On Tuesday I caught my breath.

Today, a week after Colette arrived, I was lucky enough to attend a charity dinner back at Mitton Hall, for MacMillan cancer support. Two of the Calendar Girls (Ros and Angela) gave an absolutely inspirational talk about their unique venture and my sisters Eileen and Anne and I were spellbound. We loved them. And I was lucky enough to be sat next to Jennie from Downham who coincidentally knows Emma Lee-Potter -in fact she lives in Emma’s old house. It was so good that we could chat about our mutual appreciation of Emma’s interesting blog…The House with No Name. What a small world.

And now I am in bed exhausted, but not too tired to watch the Calendar Girls movie…I only hope my eyes will stay open.

By sheenabyrom

2 comments on “All in a week: a visitor from Scotland, Ben’s Playtime, a spa in the city and the Calendar Girls…..

  1. Reading about your lovely evening at Mitton Hall makes me very nostalgic for Lancashire. What a coincidence that you sat next to Jennie from Downham. I dream of living up there again one day!

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