A springer spaniel weekend


My daughter’s two dogs needed to be cared for this weekend, and I was in charge. Pip and Charlie are springer spaniels and I have to say they are too cute. It may seem normal to be raving about hounds, but those who really know me well are either laughing or in shock. You see I have never been a ‘doggy’ person, until I fell in love with these two.

So, I have walked them for miles and miles, through goarse and swamp land, round resevoirs and over the beautiful Pendle Hill with Yvonne and Rosie, and Gill and Meg. These energetic puppies are just so full of energy and affection, and we have enjoyed every minute of our time together. So strange for me, I now even talk to them.

Oh, and what a delicious meal we had last evening. The best Chinese meal ever at Yu and You. No wonder they won Gordan Ramsey’s ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’ award 2010. Wonderfully delicious.

By sheenabyrom

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