Real nappies, washing lines and Henry V111


With Anna and Garry’s baby due at the beginning of July, Olivia washed the ‘real’ nappies we bought her in preparation. This fabulous photo was taken as they dried on her washing line, and she whatsapped it to me. I had a great big smile when I saw it.

I remember as though it were yesterday soaking (in Napisan) nappies in a bucket after removing the soiled liner, and washing the white terry squares on a boil wash before proudly hanging them on the line, whatever the weather! I actually loved it. Even when I had two children in them, I enjoyed the process of making them clean again, folding them in different (and innovative) ways and snuggling them next to my little one’s skin. What pleasure!

I remember Mum giving me the impression that using disposable nappies was a sign of a ‘bad mother’, but not sure if she really meant that? In any case, I succumbed to disposables when Olivia my fourth child was born, and although it was easier, I didn’t get the same satisfaction at nappy change time.

And we know that real nappies are much better for the environment. Apparently, if King Henry V111 had had disposable nappies, they would still be around ‘rotting’ today.

And that is appalling.  


By sheenabyrom

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