Grandmother in waiting


I am at home anxiously awaiting the birth of my eldest daughter’s second baby. When the little one arrives, we will have 5 grandchildren, and each one caused a tummy twisting turmoil just before they made their appearance. When I gave birth to my four I was confident and happy as I approached labour and was lucky enough to have four positive experiences.

So why am I sat here in a tizzy? I swing from staring at my mobile for messages, to looking at the house phone and wondering whether I should call…and then I walk round the house doing half tasks.

It’s hard being a mother to a mother that’s labouring in another place, so hard. Please come safely and soon little one.

And then I wonder if my lovely late Mum had the same worries when me and my sisters laboured hard for hours?

That’s what I’ll do; I’ll go to her grave and I’ll ask her…



8 comments on “Grandmother in waiting

  1. Bless you Sheena!

    As my Mum keeps reminding me – you just never stop being a Mum! No matter how old your children, how capable and how many babies they have (and no matter if you are a Midwife with a strong faith in birth) – They are still 3yrs old at the top of a tall slide and you are stood at the bottom praying they will come down safely (whilst displaying a confident grin).

    Lots of strong labour vibes going out to your girl and in no time you will be holding a new baba in your arms xxx

    • Jenn your Mum is so right! It’s the DNA…we are born to worry…to keep the world spinning round! We are thrilled to announce the birth of Betsy, a beautiful baby girl who arrived last night. Phew! Thanks so much for leaving a comment 🙂

  2. With my third I was so lucky to have my mum ‘up north’ and able to visit me in the hospital. It meant so much to have her there and for her to see her grandchild just a few hours after she was born rather than a few days. I hope your wait is over soon and all for a well.

  3. Hope all goes well, I can only imagine how you are feeling at this time. Stay positive and I don’t need to suggest you keep busy because you don’t know how not to. Give my best wishes to Anna and welcome to her new little one once born xx Ann

    • Thanks so much Ann! Lovely to hear from you….all well Anna had baby girl Betsy (Elizabeth) this evening! She is beautiful xx

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