From one Rose to another


Dear Marie (Rose Marie)

You were my wonderful mother-in-law for decades.

You were the amazing mother to baby Rosemary who died before you saw her little face, and whom you never held. And you were the fine, strong mother of Stephen, Paul, Mark and David. You always seemed happy in your life, yet you suffered more hardship than most.

This photo was taken at Butlins holiday camp, when you were young, carefree and unaware of what life was going to deal you.

I remember when Anna was born. Your first grandchild, and a girl. Did she remind you of the little girl you lost? Of Rosemary? I never asked you. I am sorry about that. As you curled your loving fingers around hers and cupped her face with both your hands did you cry silent tears? As I grow older as a mother and grandmother I can only be sure that you did.

And now we have another Rose! I want to introduce her to you, as your namesake.


Here she is in the arms of your son, her Grandad Paul. She was born to Anna and Garry surrounded by love, and we were as you were when Anna was born, looking on in amazement as the next generation emerged strong into the Byrom family.

And so Elizabeth Rose (Betsy) will carry your name on into the future. We will be sure to tell her what she has to live up to, and about the legacy you left for her through the life that you lived; loved and respected by all. As time moves on, your strength and values are passed on Marie, and for those things we are blessed.

My love to you,

Sheena x


Marie, I heard shortly after writing this letter to you that we have another lovely baby Rose, born before Betsy! How could I miss that? Pheobe Rose has your name too, and is the beautiful baby girl born to Jordan and Jemma. Pheobe has brought much joy too, and is Gill and Mark’s first grandchild. She too will hear about you, and carry your love and positive spirit with her through her life….here she is Marie; what a beauty.

Pheobe Rose Byrom

By sheenabyrom

19 comments on “From one Rose to another

    • What a lovely comment, thank you. She looks fabulous doesn’t she? Marie always loved this photo, it was her favourite. So good that we can bring it back to life again through blogging. Sheena x

  1. Very touching – it’s amazing how we have progressed in such a short time. I read your book over the summer and shared it with some of my Texas friends – it was such a lovely read – thank you for taking the time to commit all those experiences and memories to paper.

    • Thank you Fionnuala, lovely hear from you, and thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed my book.
      Hope you are well, Sheena x

  2. Hi Sheena. I read your words about Marie Rose, I remember Marie and I also wonder now, how that generation felt with each new child born. We suddenly are aware that we are now there and if our own don’t ask us the same thoughts it’s because they too are wrapped up in the events. I have a Rose too, Esther Anna Rose,- Emily’s daughter and so far my only grandaughter. She is a delight too. Enjoy your Rose, a lovely addition to the brood of lovely Byrom babies.
    Love Juliet

    • Ah Juliet you have a Rose and an Anna!

      Thanks for your thoughts and for taking time to respond…
      Loads love to you,

      Sheena x

  3. Its so lovely we have these spaces to speak of people who are no longer with us – sharing their memory keeps them alive in people’s hearts. x

  4. Oh Sheena, you’ve just had me crying all over my cornflakes this morning – what a beautiful post. Its really moved me – not least because I think I met Paul’s Mum, probably about 14 years ago now – how time flies. “Time flies, flowers die, new days, new ways but love always stays” x

    • What a lovely reply Sam! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. How special that you remember Marie, Paul was thrilled when I told him. And your quote is so true and poignant. I will use it! Hope you are well Sam. Thanks again xxxx

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