My birthday and a message from my sister


Eileen and me (little one)

I woke up this morning, my 57th birthday, to this email in my inbox from my lovely sister. What more could I ask for?

This isn’t just an old photo…. well it is.. but for me it opens up a treasury of wonderful memories and what better day than today to share it with you …
as children I could never be AFRAID of the dark because your voice was always there pleading for more stories… long after the light had left the sky outside……

ARMS  linked through mine as we walked home from work through those terraced streets…. tired yet full of the days’ gossip….

 two EXCITED young girls  as I slipped into my wedding dress and we talked of our lives changing forever….

TEARS as you lovingly placed my beautiful daughter into my arms that you had safely delivered into my world…

HANDS held in wait for the devastating news of our mums stroke knowing that from this day our world would never be the same… 

PRIDE as I watch you walk through those gates into Buckingham Palace to receive your OBE and knowing that this  world is a better place because of you…

REASURRED that wherever we are in this world of ours no matter what the problem might be..I can rely on you totally because you are MY sister…
I love you always

ESPECIALLY today Sheena

much love Eileen


By sheenabyrom

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