Cuz Fest 2012



This month my sisters and cousins shared precious time together, at my home. We have tried to do this at least once a year following a successful ‘Red Tent’ weekend seven years ago, to celebrate my 50th birthday. That occasion was an amazing experience; all female descendants of Gertrude Dixon, my grandmother, in one large house in the Yorkshire Dales. We shared skills, stories, home made family films and delicious food and drink. We also entertained each other. It was a unique time, never to be forgotten. 

This time there were just six of us, cousins. Daughters of Kathleen, Mary, and Maud. We laughed and chatted, ate and drank…and I was able to use my new found skill to help the cousins feel relaxed…I gave them a massage! I think they liked it.

So here you see me, Anne and Eileen my sisters, and Pat, Barbara and Juliet. Some of us are photographed twice as there was no one to take us all together!

We feel blessed. Roll on next year.


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