Goodbye Gold Coast, hello Sydney!



Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta

The past two weeks have been eventful. As I sat on board the Tiger flight to Sydney I was so very excited to be seeing my son Tom who lives there with his wonderful girlfriend, Claire. We haven’t seen them for 15 months, when we visited Australia in 2011.  We have had a luxurious two weeks staying with our dear friend Vi, sister of Frank and Lynne…and have been thoroughly spoiled.  With the mixed weather we only managed three beach days, where we sat under shade and marveled at the surfers performing their magic. As their boards arrowed over the mountainous foamy structures I was spellbound; what skill and energy they have, and it kind of symbolizes Australia for me. But the greatest respect must go to the Lifeguards and Lifesavers who work hard to maximize our safety  whilst enjoying the delights of the sea. Thank God for their courage, skill and passion to help others. It’s wonderful to see…..



3 comments on “Goodbye Gold Coast, hello Sydney!

    • Thanks Cheryl! Lovely to hear from you….having a blast with family and friends in the sun. What more can you ask for? Hope all well with you; it was Melt candles all round as gifts for everyone here…..they LOVE them! S xxxxx

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