Postcards from Aloysius


I love jewellery, especially when it’s been hand made with love and care. I also am fascinated by history of people and places, and so when the two come together it’s a bonus! When I met Helen she was sat crafting special items of costume jewellery in the quaint house that she shares with my son and his girlfriend, in Bondi Beach, Sydney. I was immediately interested.


Helen in her studio, Bondi Beach Sydney

 Helen makes the most wonderful earrings, necklaces and bracelets out of old postage stamps and each individual piece of jewellery is different and tells it’s own story.  I bought SIX items as gifts to take home to England, and each one was carefully wrapped in a piece of tissue that was a piece of an old clothing pattern. This was then placed in a small enveloped ‘bag’ which was made from the pages of an old book.  Ingenious. Brilliant recycling!


Earring studs made from vintage stamps, made by Helen

 Helen’s brand name for her work is Postcards from Aloysius, and more details can be found here.

My very lovely friends Katie Hindle (and her sister Charlotte) and Liz Waddington would love this jewellery, each unique piece is a work of art! 


Helen uses this antique typewriter to make all her labels and business cards. I remember learning to type on one of these…eek! I must be antique!

PS Aloysius was Helen’s Grandpa’s name. How special is that?

By sheenabyrom

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