Help to connect more midwives around the world (and be a ‘Twitter Buddy!’)


With the International Day of the Midwife imminent, and the countdown to the International Confederation of Midwives 30th Triennial Congress (ICM) from 1-5th June, I want to try to engage with midwives around the world, to encourage and support them to connect through Twitter. I started ‘tweeting’ approximately 18 months ago, and I haven’t looked back. Here’s a glimpse of what Twitter does for me.


Nurses and midwives are generally reluctant to use Twitter. Not Facebook, just Twitter. Yet those using it can’t imagine life without it-Twitter has opened so many doors for them, and offered oodles of support. @WeNurses founder and social media expert Teresa Chinn @AgencyNurse is also a registered nurse, and offers thoughts on her blog why nurses and midwives SHOULD engage with Twitter , and some of the reasons why they don’t!  If you are worried about using social media professionally, then listen to this podcast by Dean Royles @NHSE_Dean  CEO of NHS Employers, as he slays some of the myths.


Infographic with kind permission from   @AgencyNurse

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN TWITTER, JOIN UP HERE. If you are going to ICM in June, and considering using Twitter, please do so BEFORE you leave home. It will be much easier! If you are a health organisation, and you would like to know more about using Facebook or Twitter, check out Social Media toolkit for the NHS. I have facilitated a midwives chat space for 12 months…@WeMidwives (part of @WeNurses) has gone from zero to 3,133 followers, many from around the world. And now it’s time to really try and engage with more! SO….. Would you be a Twitter Buddy? At the ICM I am charged with sharing the event’s highlights through Twitter and other social media platforms, and I will be producing Storify updates each day. I will also be delivering workshops on using social media, but this won’t include ‘how to’. For that, I need ‘Twitter Buddies”. Twitter Buddy If you are going to ICM in person or joining LIVE online streaming, or you are planning to tweet during ICM using #ICMLIVE then read on! I am building a team of  midwife and student midwifeTwitter Buddies‘ on the recommendation of social media expert @VictoriaBetton.  If you would like to help spread the advantages of Twitter by sharing your skill with least one other person during ICM week (1-5th June), then I’d love you to be part of the project! Here is the simple plan:

  1. If you want to be a Twitter Buddy let me know, via Twitter, using #TwitterBuddy. I’ll then add your name below!
  2. During ICM week connect and sit with an interested midwife colleague, and show her/him how to use Twitter on a 121 basis. Aim for at least one midwife recruit per day!
  3. Tweet me the Twitter handles of the new midwife Tweeters, and at the end of the week the results will be collated.
  4. The Twitter Buddy who launches the most midwives on a new Twitter journey will be announced the week after the conference!
  5. Direct your Twitter recruit to this blog post for encouragement.

ANOTHER REMINDER IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN TWITTER, JOIN UP HERE.  If you are going to ICM in June, and considering using Twitter, please do so BEFORE you leave home. It will be much easier!  COME AND JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION And HOT OFF THE PRESS, my daughter Anna Byrom and I have written our first article together. It’s about social media, so you may find it interesting! Here it is


  1. Anna Byrom @acbmidwife  
  2. Shawn Walker @SisterShawnRM
  3. Simone Valk @sljvalk 
  4. @linsyrjls
  5. @llisa01
  6. Jane Morrow @MorrowJane
  7. Cassie McNamara @MamaConference
  8. Carmel McCalmont @UHCW_Midwife
  9. Jenny Clarke @JennyTheM
  10. Nalonya vd Laan @nalonya
  11. Sarah Johnson @sarahjohnson222
  12. Elly Copp @EleanorCopp
  13. Tracey Cooper @drtraceyt
  14. Amanda Firth @LaughingMrsM
  15. Heather Franklin @Twidmife
  16. Midwife Supervision @midwiferyWAHT 
  17. Lola the E-Midwife Lola_emidwife
  18. Carolyn Hastie @CarolynHastie 
  19. Sara Bayes @SaraBayes
  20. Alison Brodrick @AliBrodrick
  21. Lizzie Bee @Li33ieBee 
  22. Pam Wild @pamoneuk 
  23. @Dashing_d_leo
  24. Claire Fryer-Croxall @ClaireCroxall
  25. Hana Ruth Abel @Hana_Studentmid 
  26. Ali Searle @alisearle 
  27. Karen Yates @karenyatesjcu
  28. Lyn Ward @linward
  29. Nicky @twixynicky1
  30. Anita Fleming @AnitaFleming7
  31. Lorna @berrybird71
  32. Trudy Brock @TrudyBrock1
  33. Geraldine Butcher @gbutcher17
  34. NHS Midwife @midwife_foz
  35. Anjuli Lord @anjulilord
  36. Linda Wylie @uwslindawylie
  37. Janet Fyle @consideredview
  38. Joanne Camac @CamacJoanne  
  39. Jane @Midwife2b0514
  40. Claire Omand @clarabell080
  41. Mary Stewart @midwife_mary
  42. Francesca @Francesca343
  43. Hannah Bowater @funking-nora 
  44. Sarah Johnson @sarahjohnson222
  45. Kathryn Ashton @KathrynAshton1
  46. Birthing Instincts @birthinstincts
  47. Dawn Gilkes  @dawnmidwife 
  48. Debby Gould @DebbyGould
  49. Sarah @sarah_pallett
  50. Laura Fyall @LauraFyall
  51. Tracey Hunter (need link)
  52. Alison Taylor (need link)
  53. Elsie b @LesleyBland
  54. Alison Power @alisonpower31
  55. Aku Bidan, Kamu? @BidanBidanku
  56. Linda Ball @BallLinn
  57. MaggieMoo @MaggieBakesBuns
  58. Mhairi @Stmwmhairi
  59. Kate @Dottymom
  60. Jude @beetrooter
  61. Kylie @smileyhudders
  62. Lillian Bondo @LillianBondo
  63. Mitra Kadarish @mee_tra
  64. Annabel Nicholas @annienicholas68
  65. Jenny Clarke @JennyTheM
  66. Jacque Gerrard @JacqueGRCM
  67. Kelly Stadelbaur @KellyStadelbaur
  68. Brigid McConville @Brigid_McC
  69. Natalie Buschman @Birthsandmore
  70. Jayne Case @jaynecase8
  71. Sarah Stewart @SarahStewart
  72. Beth McRae @outbackmidwife1 
  73. M. Michel-Schuldt @emma_von_mumm
  74. Vanessa Shand @vshand 
  75. Julie Wray @JuWray 
  76. Hari Ani @hunnyhunnymuch
  77. Soffa Abdillah @soffa_abdillah
  78. Fardila Elba @elba_cholia
  79. Kerry Spencer @miffymoffit
  80. Macavity @elusivesarah
  81. Marjolein Gravendeel @MGravendeel 
  82. Wendy Warrington @wendywarringto1
  83. Nicolette Peel @NicolettePeel 
  84. Hannah Harvey @hannahharv13
  85. Helen Young @helenyoungmw
  86. Ashleigh @ashleey_latham
  87. Linda Bryceland @LyndaBryceland
  88. Claire Macdiarmid @Mcdaddymacswife 
  89. Janie @janiealalawi 
  90. Sophie @sophieinpariss
  91. Leigh @Leighree
  92. Laura Williams @Laura4_x
  93. NHS Midwife @NHSmidwife
  94. Maria Anderson @MariaAnderson17
  95. Louise Randall @LouiseAJRandall 
  96. Mary Ross-Davie @MaryRossDavie
  97. Ans Luyben @luybenans
  98. Roa @Roretta 
  99. Inisial Z @zidemanjaya 
  100. Jupuut @juliaputriutami 
  101. Berty @me_b3rty 
  102. Mel @Mel_meilina
  103. Qorin @QorinDias
  104. Yennita Maharani @nypinyip
  105. Michelle Anderson @michellemidirs
  106. Cathy Ashwin @CathyAshwin 
  107. Jane Pilston @janepilston 
  108. Kookie Salt @kookie31
  109. Joanna Lake @JoLake87
  110. Hannah Telford @TelfordHannah
  111. Mahasiswa Kebidanan @Mahasiswa_Bidan
  112. Sisilh @Hilmasilsil
  113. Indira A U_tami @indie_utami
  114. Ikka Zullianti @ikkazz
  115. Nuy @stnurjanah08
By sheenabyrom

15 comments on “Help to connect more midwives around the world (and be a ‘Twitter Buddy!’)

  1. Sheena I love this! What a brilliant video, and a great idea! I’m sure you’ll recruit many more midwives to twitter, I wish I was going to ICM & could join in! X

    • Hi Dawn, thanks for comment-you CAN join in, don’t need to be going to ICM…just need to teach others during that week 1-5th June! Please let me know if you want to be part of the team…#TwitterBuddy

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