For my Four

10th August, 1989

10th August, 1989

Between the moment you were not and you were, I gasped.


The breath was the one before love struck. Like never before.


And into my arms each one of you came, and into my heart and my soul.


None more, nor less. All the very same.


It was then I really understood my own mother.


It’s just how it is.




 We will never walk on equal plains, you and I. Because this love isn’t reciprocal.


Not to be undermined, or misunderstood.


When you feel joy, my heart sings. Your frowns cause a crumble that can’t be controlled.


It’s just how it is.


And that’s why my step is not far from yours, even though I urge you to fly.



 It’s just how it is.



In one moment, I would give all up for you. 


In the end, I ask for nothing, but that you know.


It’s just how it is.

Family 2


For Anna, James, Tom and Oliva by Sheena Byrom


By sheenabyrom

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