Making a move! 

We’ve just returned from a three month epic trip to Australia. All through our adventures we debated about whether or not we should move to this amazing land, and what it would mean for us and our family.  Our son Tom lives in Sydney, and we miss him so much. But our other son, James has made his roots in the Netherlands, and we miss him too! Then there’s the girls, Anna and Olivia, just a stones’s throw away from our home, and when we’re in Holland or Australia, our yearnings are with them.

The debate went on.

During our holiday I spent time with my niece’s friend Paul, who is a fabulous photographer. Paul showed me his self-developed website, and that’s when I new I had to move! I just had to take the plunge.

For the past three weeks I’ve been learning and preparing for the big day, and now I can share it with you. It’s not been easy, but I think it’s worth it.

I hear your gasps of excitement and alarm.

I’ve moved, to here! I do hope you take a peep at my new ‘home’, and that you consider following me there.  You see, I’m not moving to Australia, but a new website! Ta-da!

By sheenabyrom

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