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Five Girls
From left: Anne, Sheena, Lynne, Eileen and Susan

Well, I am the youngest of five girls….. very important.  I have four ‘colourful’ children. And six grandchildren.

I have been a midwife since the 1970’s and was lucky enough to work in all areas of practice, including birth centres, hospital, and home. Latterly I worked as a consultant midwife and head of midwifery. During my career I have met the strongest and most inspirational women, some I cared for and some I worked with.



Summer 2013


Most important? It is, surely, my family. But my passion is to support and promote normal birth, and positive childbirth for all women. I am a practising midwife, and write and lecture regularly on various midwifery related topics on a national level. I am a member of the Royal College of Midwives Better Births initiative, and am the Chair of the trustees of the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust. I am also the Patron of StudentMidwife.Net. You can contact me here.

Favourite quote:    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world…..’ (Ghandi).

Favourite song by Mary Black really sums up my life so far….

13 comments on “About me

    • Hi Jayne, if you click on the link it will take you to the source. It is a suggested link; not sure there is concrete evidence.

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  2. i am a midwife and thats my fav quote too!.I will snoop about your website soon but its looking so promising….like words to warm my heart x

      • Hi Sheena
        My colleagues & I talk about this a lot! Certain words and phrases give me a sort of uncontrollable ‘tic’.
        Language matters hugely. Some of it is easy to spot and some is more subtle. I am absolutely sure that I don’t always get it right, but we have to keep listening to ourselves as well as others and just keep aiming high.
        There is a whole underlying culture that needs to be shifted. I remember so often women being labelled as difficult or stroppy when they are trying to assert there autonomy in a pretty hostile envionment. Everything we do and everything we say needs to be supportive of and respectful of women’s right to unbiased information, choice and autonomy.We need to keep picking ourselves up on the language but never lose sight of the underlying message.

      • Thank you Meg, I agree….I don’t always get it right! And I remember distinctly feeling like a ‘difficult relative’ when I asserted myself to support my daughter when her newborn was in the Neonatal Unit. I felt so vulnerable. It’s good that we’re all thinking how we can improve….:)

  3. Hi Sheena, I have just read your book ‘Catching Babies’ and what a wonderful read it was too. I only wish you were my midwife throughout both of my pregnancy’s and births. Both were traumatic and even though I sat down with a senior member of the hospital and discussed my fears, I still feel ill thinking about it. Thank you for a wonderful book as now I don’t feel so alone in my experiences.

    Kind regards

    Sarah McLauchlan

    • Hi Sarah,

      Sorry for the delay…it’s so good to hear from you. Thank you for taking time to feedback how you liked my book-I really appreciate it. I am so sorry you had such negative birth experiences-please contact me if you feel you need to discuss things further, I may be able to put you in contact with someone who could potentially help.

      Take great care of yourself, and thank you again,

      Sheena 🙂

  4. Hi Sheena
    Saw you speak at the Normality conference at Good Hope hospital recently (it was just fantastic) and wondered if I could possibly have an image of the Doctor doing instrumental delivery on the floor please? I teach midwifery at University of Wolverhampton and it is for a session I am teaching.
    Best wishes
    Emma Whapples

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