Images and film

Quentin, aged 3yrs

Capturing the moment on photograph and film is one of my hobbies. I love seeing images and re-living the moment again. Home made movies and images seem to delight all my family, and I use them in my work to reach hearts and minds primarily to influence midwifery practice and promote positive birth experience.

Here are some I made:

Birth and Midwifery



Family and friends



10 comments on “Images and film

  1. This is such a beautiful and precious family film (Olivia), i’m sat here crying watching it!
    What special memories these are captured forever. We hope to see you not too far from now Sheena. Love Clare, Paul, Isaac and Esmee xxx

    • Thank you so much Clare! So good to hear from you, and pleased you took time to let me know that you liked Olivia’s film. I really hope we can see you very soon!
      Love to the children, and you two of course! Sheena x

      • Hello Sheena, I hope you’re safe and well, no doubt you’re continuing all your inspiring work and new ideas and inspiring so many others along the way!
        It would be SO WONDERFUL to see you soon, I’m wondering if we could come to visit you one day not far from now.
        Isaac and Esmee are doing really well, it’s only now I feel it’s getting easier, there have been so many days when I’ve though ‘What have I done? Having two children so close together!’ I am glad to say that now the hard work, lack of sleep and lots of worry have paid off and my children actually seem to be becoming good friends at last!
        How are you? I haven’t seen you since Elizabeth’s wedding, I had such a great time talking to you when you came into our room whilst I fed Esmee! That was more than a year ago and now Elizabeth is a mummy too-our first nephew and Isaac and Esmee’s very first cousin!
        Well done for all you’re amazing achievements Sheena, we think you’re absolutely amazing.
        Take good care and get in touch when you can
        Much love from Clare and Paul xxx

      • Oh Clare what a wonderful message! I have just updated my blog and saw this comment and it’s made my day! I would love to see you all soon, when can you come?
        I just heard that Elizabeth has had a baby boy and I saw some photographs on Facebook. Isn’t that the best news?
        It will get easier each month with Isaac and Esmee…I remember those hard days with my little ones, but as you say it pays off when they play happily together!
        Do let me know when you are free, and thanks so much again for getting in touch.

        You are a star. Much love to my Godson and big hugs for the little ones!

        Sheena xxxx

  2. We could come up and see you one Saturday or Sunday when you’re not busy! Just let me know when is good for you.
    I showed your family film to Paul about an hour ago, he was trying to go and study for his Physics degree course but I told him he should just watch this with me for a few minutes….I was in tears again and said ‘Oh we should have more children……in about 10 years’
    I love how Anna and James are so enchanted with Baby Olivia, it’s so beautiful to watch.
    These are the most precious moments in life and how great it is to be able to capture them forever.
    Paul called me a Simple Beasom (an expression you may be familiar with!) this is what Barbara used to shout at Jeff when he would wake her up at night from one of his many nightmares, he wiped away my tears then escaped to the office at the side of the house.

    We met baby Jake yesterday, it was his first day at home, Elizabeth is ofcourse tired and needs to rest and heal but i can see motherhood is going to be a really positive and enlightening time for her. I’m excited about all that’s ahead for us and it’s special to think of Isaac, Esmee and Jake growing up together and looking after each other. There are 18 months between each of them, so I’m hoping they’ll be good friends in time.

    It gets late so fast, I always think I should go to bed earlier but there’s so much to do at night. I find that when I have some time alone at last, when the children are asleep, I try and prolong it as much as I can!
    I can find plenty to do in the quiet moments, now i have some more energy back I am going to sit down and write both of my birth stories. This is something I have wanted to do for Isaac and Esmee so that they know this part of their history. When I have done this, I shall also pass them on to you!

    I was afraid of forgetting important details, but I have faith it’s all still there in my memory.

    I shall sign off for now, I wish you a lovely, peaceful, worry-free and faith-filled sleep. I’ve never before said, or heard of, a faith-filled sleep, but I think it could be a good restful positive kind of sleep!

    Looking forward to spending some time together Sheena

    Much love to you

    Clare xxx

  3. Hi Sheena, I’m just wondering if my second message from last night was sent properly? It was quite long and detailed and when I’d posted it a message came up saying ‘Awaiting moderation’ and it’s not here now!!! I hope you did receive it somehow but if not I can write it again! I will be disappointed if it is floating somewhere in the technological ether, I think you would have liked to have read it!

    Anyway I can tell you all of it when we see you!

    Incase you haven’t received the long message, I wrote that we could come and see you one weekend soon, on a Saturay or sunday that suits you.

    We send lots of love your way xxx

    • HI Clare , sorry I hadn’t approved your messages but received them! Thanks so much. You made me laugh out loud with the comment about Barbara shouting at Jeff! Please come soon to see us we would love it. Let us know when it’s possible and bring Barbara too! Much love Sheena xx

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