Igniting possibility

My extensive midwifery practice and positions of leadership have given me a broad and detailed insight into the opportunities and constraints within the midwifery profession. Midwives hold the potential to influence life itself; many women remember in detail how their midwife was, what she said, and how she made her feel – even if they don’t remember her name. And it really matters. Family relationships are often affected by it both positively and negatively.

Francesca meets Florence = love

I believe that a midwife’s personal and midwifery philosophy are as important as her clinical skills. Kindness and compassion are essential and make a difference. I also believe that midwives need supportive, inspirational role models and to be able to flourish and grow in their privileged position so that they become part of a positive work culture. This leads to better care for mothers and families, and an upward spiral effect of increased job satisfaction

I am always excited by my potential to influence or inspire others and believe that success is not through the achievement of great things, but by igniting possibility in others through creating a positive culture and ‘can do’ approach.

Please contact me if you would like to chat about this further.

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